It's important to reiterate that, as every API out there, this service is a highly technical one, so it requires technical people involved into using it.

Whenever there's an error trying to integrate with our API, the developer who built the client needs to pay attention to:

  1. The URL that was used to make the request to the API;
  2. The HTTP request method and body (if applicable - in case it's a POST request);
  3. The HTTP response status code (we follow the protocol standard, so the status code should at least give some initial guidance);
  4. The HTTP response body, which contains more explanation on what went wrong.

If with the information above the developer is still unable to solve the problem, they should get in touch with their closest Client Services representative in YouGov, explaining the situation and sending the information above - since it will be used by the BrandIndex API developers for technical investigation.